Monday, December 12, 2016

Husband of Judge in my case sent me a Christmas card?

For some reason the husband of Judge R***** sent me a Christmas card. On the card is Martha whom I believe is a cousin of Justice ****** Sudderth from my original case. I filed a motion to recuse Judge R***** but she refused saying there was no conflict of interest. After she heard the case and read the documents the Judge instantly recused herself. I'm glad she was not willing to do the judicial favor for her friend Randy Turner. Of course the case was just transferred to another court. That judge was willing to do the favor for Randy Turner.

In the current case which is in appeal Plaintiff Amanda Lollar defamed herself then blamed me for her defamation. Lollar forged the evidence adding allegedly defamatory statements by a "Mary Cummins" within the statute of limitations period. In reality no comments were made by anyone on those articles at that time. On top of that forgery Lollar forged emails allegedly from the head of USDA Dr Robert Gibbens. The emails clear her of all wrongdoing years after she lost her USDA permit. Gibbens stated those forged emails don't exist. This is how crazy this case is. We shall see what this appeals court will do.

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