Thursday, June 22, 2017

California lawyer Ashley Conlogue dumped her as a client? Conlogue appears to have been fired.

It appears that * no longer has legal representation in Los Angeles, California. Did her attorney dump her because she lied to her attorney and the court? Did the law firm fire Ashley Conlogue after she was severely reprimanded and sanctioned by Judge Robert Hess? Who knows. Still the attorney or firm had to notify the court the moment they no longer represented her. They did not because I bet * instructed them not to do so. That means they legally were representing her for the last few months. The law firm is still liable for removing my confidential data from online.

There was an automatic court update to my California case. The clerk stated that email to Ashley Conlogue was not being answered. The Court stated they received this reply,

"I am away from the office beginning Friday, May 19, 2017.  This email address is not being forwarded to another attorney at the firm.  Thus, if you have received this message, please re-send your correspondence to Christian S. Molnar, at, and Neelam Molnar, at

Court then stated this,

"Arendsen Cane Molnar Law:
          Ms. Conlogue automatic email notification has advised that she is out of the office and to forward her emails to Christian S. Molnar, at, and Neelam Molnar, at
          If Ms. Conlogue is no longer the handling attorney in this matter please serve and file a change of handling attorney with this Court within 5 days of the date of this email.
          Please do not email it directly to me; consider E-filing at:
          Thank you,

Becky L. Fisher, Supervising Deputy Clerk"

The court contacted Christian Molnar today 062217 and received this reply,

"Subject: Re: B278893 - Bat World Sanctuary et al v. Cummins [ Trial Court Case No: BS140207 ]

We haven't been the attorneys of record for several months.


Christian S. Molnar
Litigation Attorney
Arendsen Cane Molnar LLP
Beverly Hills—San Diego
315 S. Beverly Dr.,Suite 320
Beverly Hills, California 90210

Then the court sent this email. Clerk doesn't realize Christian is a male,

"Ms. Molnar:
          Please file a substitution of attorney. Our records reflect that Conlogue of Arendsen Cane Molnar, LLP remain as counsel for respondent.  Until receive notice otherwise, Arendsen remains as counsel of record.
Thank you,

Becky L. Fisher, Supervising Deputy Clerk "

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